Macau Casinos Gambling Open Again

The casinos of the Asian gaming metropolis Macau may start gaming again from Thursday. Macau casinos gambling open again. Lei Wang Nong, Minister of Economy and Finance in the Chinese Special Administrative Region, announced this on Monday. Macau’s administrative authorities closed all city casinos on February 5, 2020 for a period of 14 days. The reason was the fear of the spread of the corona virus, from which more than 1,500 people have already died in mainland China.

Macau casinos gambling measure with serious consequences

In Macau, only ten corona infections were registered at the time of the casino closings. However, there was growing fear of the disease spreading further. After all, casino employees should also have been among the infected. The closings of the venues had costly consequences for the gaming companies. Not only did they have to stop operating, they also had to continue paying workers wages. The casino giant Wynn Resorts alone put the losses at $ 2.4 million a day.

Government continues to advise caution

Although the dice will soon roll in the Macau casinos, the local government continues to advise caution and has ordered several disease prevention measures. For example, casino customers and employees in the gaming facilities must wear face masks. In addition, gaming tables should be set up at a greater distance to reduce the risk of infection.

Hotel industry is suffering from casino closings

The reopening of Macau casinos gambling is not only good news for their operators. The hotel industry should also be satisfied with this. In the past two weeks, eight hotels had to close due to low visitor numbers. MGM Macau, which MGM China Holdings Ltd. operated, its operations ceased. How long it will take for the large casino to be accessible to guests again is not yet clear. Even with a rapid normalization of the situation, experts assume that the economic consequences of the Corona crisis will continue to affect the business of the Macau casino and hotel industry for months to come.

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