Jungle Treasure Slot

There are many different kinds of online slot games that are available in the market today. It is important to choose one that will satisfy your requirements and needs. If you are considering a certain game, you should make sure to read some reviews before you sign up with a website. This will give you a better idea of the game’s features and help you decide if it is right for you.

Set somewhere in Indochina

When looking at films that were made in the 80s and early 90s, one can see a resurgence of interest in Indochina and France’s colonial past in this region. These films return to the time period that has been neglected in previous French commercial pictures.

In INDOCHINE, a melodramatic story of a family combines multiple points of view to explore a historical juncture. It is set at the end of the colonial era, and the film focuses on the loss of the French presence in Southeast Asia.

A young French schoolgirl has an affair with an Indochinese man of Chinese descent. Their child, Etienne, is raised by her and the French navy officer. He is then abandoned when the father is arrested.

Another film retraces the final months of the French military battle. While it does not address the Indochinese side of the war, it does offer a sober look at the battle. The film features a voice-over narration and is framed by scenes shot in Halong Bay.

THE LOVER also deals with a French schoolgirl’s relationship with an Indochinese man of Chinese origins. This narrative is set in the 1930s during the French colonial empire in Indochina. One of the major themes of the film is eroticism.

The films discussed here, and many more, attempt to capture the exoticism of Indochina. However, the images on screen fail to translate the incomprehensible fascination the region exerts. Moreover, these films often fail to reflect the true history of colonial conflict. They simply serve as a distraction to problems at home.

Although these films do not directly portray the decolonization process, they do represent a period of time when French and Vietnamese were in harmony. The French did not remain in Indochina, but they have remained close to the former colonies in North Africa.

Unique theme

A modern online slot with a unique theme, Jungle Treasure is a fun experience. It has five reels with 35 paylines and the chance to win huge prizes. This game features a number of bonuses, including a free spins round, a wild symbol, and multipliers.

The lion symbol in this game is a wild one, and can replace any other symbols to help you win big. However, you might be surprised to learn that this is not the only way to win. In fact, this game is a progressive jackpot, which means the more you play, the bigger the jackpot.

In addition to the lion, the slot’s other main symbols include a crocodile, a monkey, an iguana, and a parrot. If you’re lucky enough to land three of these, you’ll get a bonus round. You can win anywhere between 10 and 20 free spins.

The slot has several other impressive features, as well. One is its nifty looking background. Another is the sound effects, which are all reminiscent of the James Cameron movie.

While there are no human characters to speak of, this slot is a collaboration between Microgaming and 20 century Fox. There’s even a bonus feature to make it even more entertaining.

While many of the slots on offer at the moment are based on movies, it’s worth noting that there are some other fascinating slots that aren’t. Some of these include:

All in all, there’s a good chance that you’ll find the best game for you. Whether you’re a fan of ancient civilizations, Chinese culture, or even vampires, there’s a slot out there that’s sure to satisfy.

Wheel Bonus

The Wheel Bonus feature is a nice touch to the Jungle Treasure Slot. It is triggered randomly and can give you a free game or a multiplier. Some casinos even have an exclusive Wheel Bonus for their customers.

The gimmick is in the smallest possible print, as the Wheel Bonus is not the biggest thing you can do in this slot. That’s because it is a simple feature.

It is more like a pick ’em game. You can choose a wheel at random to give you 8-20 free spins. There is also a free re-spin feature where the Jungle Prince gets a special spin.

Aside from the Wheel Bonus, the game has nice graphics and a 92% payout percentage. There are five reels with 30 paylines. This is not the most innovative game on the market, but it is fun.

If you like a good old-fashioned slot machine, then you’re in luck. These machines are not as difficult to play as you might think. Symbols are arranged in a 3×5 grid.

If you are looking for a slot that has the biggest jackpot, then you might want to look elsewhere. The most popular slot is the Gonzo’s Quest. Although it uses 40 coins, you can play it for as little as one penny. However, there is a limit to how many coins you can bet. For example, at a higher level you can bet up to 12,500 coins.

Another interesting feature is the avalanche reels feature. You get to choose which symbols will fall on top of the other ones, thereby doubling your chances of a big win. As well, it has a very cool looking soundtrack.


If you like playing Jungle Treasure Slots online, you’ll be glad to know that there are two features that you can activate to increase your odds of winning. The first feature is the Wheel Bonus, which enables you to win a spin of the wheel, and the second is the free spins feature.

Both features have great potential to give you some real payouts. In the Wheel Bonus, you’ll get a chance to win up to 20 free spins, and in the free spins feature, you can also increase your chances of landing a prize with multipliers.

Another feature you’ll find in Jungle Treasure Slot is the totem face scatter. This symbol pays out when it lands on three or more reels. It can pay out in the range of 50 to 150 times your line bet, and it can also award the jackpot.

For the free spins feature, you’ll need to find at least three totem face symbols on the reels. These symbols will trigger 10, 15, or 20 free spins, and they will also award a x1000 top jackpot.

You can also unlock the bonus round by finding three or more treasure chests. These symbols will not follow the payline, but will instead appear on the middle three reels, and will award a jackpot if they match the same symbols as the other symbols on the screen.

Overall, Jungle Treasure Slot is a very good game, and it’s especially popular with players looking to enjoy a slot machine that offers some variety in terms of paylines. If you don’t want to play the game for real money, you can opt for the free demo version that’s available for free.


If you’re looking for a slot machine with great graphics and nice sound effects, you might want to consider playing Jungle Treasure Slot. This medium to high variance slot has three rows and five reels, and it features five themed symbols.

The main character of the game is an intrepid explorer named Rich Wilde. You can also enjoy a variety of bonus games, such as the Wheel Bonus, where you can trigger free spins and multipliers.

Symbols in this game include a black panther, a jolly alligator, an ancient temple, and a treasure hunter. They range in value from 20 to 100, with the highest paying symbol being a toucan.

The RTP of this slot is relatively high, at 94%. That means that the payouts are distributed fairly evenly. However, it is important to note that the paytables are not identical in different casinos. Therefore, you’ll need to check your casino’s data sheets to find out exactly what the return to player is.

Overall, this slot is moderately popular. It has beautiful graphics and sounds, and it can be played on desktop and mobile devices.

Although it is not as well-known as some of the best-known titles, Jungle Treasure is a good slot. It features nice details, and it is relatively easy to learn.

This slot has a maximum win of x1000, and it also has a ‘Wheel’ bonus feature. During this bonus round, you can earn more free spins, multipliers, and a wild symbol.

As a result, this slot has a lot of potential for big wins. In the base game, you can earn up to 500 times your line bet.

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